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Damage Meter Widget

The Damage Meter Widget is responsible for tracking and displaying yours and your party members damage and damage per second, as well as plotting everything in a graph for better understanding of your hunts.

Widget Structure

damage-meter-widget Damage Meter widget demonstration

Damage Accuracy

Monster Hunter Rise

To calculate the damage for Monster Hunter Rise, HunterPie will sum every hit damage and assign it to whoever did the damage. This does not consider:

  • Environmental damage
  • Damage done by palamutes/palicos
  • Damage done by companions
  • Damage done by ailments (e.g: poison, blast)
  • Damage done by other monsters

Warning: Hitting a dead monster will still count as damage done to a monster. This is a known issue and will be fixed eventually.


Player colors

You can change yours and your party members color by going to the settings tab and clicking on the color configuration.


Damage plot

The damage meter widget has a built-in plot graph, by default it shows your damage per second over time, however, you can also change it to display total damage instead.

Note: Changing the plot mode while in a hunt will not update the previous points that were already plotted in the graph.

DPS Calculation

By default, HunterPie will calculate the damage per second based on the quest timer, however, this can be inaccurate especially when joining in-progress quests (such as SOSes), you can change the DPS calculation strategy in the Damage Meter settings.

Relative to questThe quest timer will be used to calculate players DPS
Relative to joinThe time when each player joined the quest will be subtracted
from the quest timer when calculating players DPS
Relative to first hitThe time when each player hit a monster for the first time
will be subtracted from the quest timer when calculating players DPS
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