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The Monster Widget is responsible to track and display all the big monsters information. It is one of the most complex widgets and each single component is designed to be simple without losing information.

Widget Structure


Monster Parts

Parts are represented by the blue, yellow and red bars under the ailments component. Their visual representation depends on what type of part it is:

FlinchFlinch values represent when the monster is going to flinch or get staggered.
BreakBreak values represent when a part is about to break.
SeverSeverable parts are the ones that can be cut off from a monster.
BrokenA part will become Grey when it’s either broken or severed.
Qurio*A part will become Pink when it’s related to the monster’s Qurio state.

When a part has all three values, the priority order is always Qurio > Sever > Break > Flinch and the exact values displayed under the part health bar will follow that priority.

By default, HunterPie only shows monsters’s parts when you lock/focus on the monster using the in-game lock-on system.

A Qurio part is exclusive for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Ailments

Ailments are statuses and debuffs you can inflict on a monster, HunterPie supports all of them, however, some of them might display as Unknown since ailments are mapped manually and require testing.

They’re designed to be as simple to read as possible, displaying Build Up, Duration and also how many times that Ailment has been activated on that monster. Each ailment has it’s own individual color to make it easier to know what ailment has been inflicted without having to read it’s name.

By default, HunterPie only shows monsters’s ailments when you lock/focus on the monster using the in-game lock-on system.

Targeting a monster

Having to target a monster to see their information is part of HunterPie’s design to avoid cluttering the screen with multiple monsters information, to target a monster, all you need to do is use the in-game lock-on system.

If you have targeting system disabled in-game, this will not work. You must have either Target or Focus enabled.

Capture indicator

For capturable monsters, an upside down triangle () will be placed on the exact percentage where the monster will become capturable. Once it’s health falls into the capturable threshold, a shock trap icon () will be displayed.


Monster Widget supports two orientations, Vertical and Horizontal

VerticalMonster health bars will be placed on top of each other in the order they spawn
HorizontalMonster healht bars will be placed side by side in the order they spawn

horizontal-bars-demo Horizontally aligned bars

Dynamic Resizing

Dynamic resizing is one of the Monster Widget’s features, it’s very useful when your widget is in the Horizontal mode, it tries to calculate the health bar’s width dynamically instead of having a static width based on how many monsters the widget is displaying at that moment. The width is calculated based on the width set as Minimum Width, using the following formula:

\[dynWidth = min + ((3 - n) * {min \over 4})\]
  • min: Minimum Width
  • n: Number of monsters visible

So, if you set the minimum width as 300, each possible case will result in these dynamic widths:

Monsters visibleWidth (px)

Note: Even if the dynamic width is higher or lower than the maximum and minimum width respectively, the visual width will not go above/below those widths.

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