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Hunt export is one of HunterPie Accounts feature, it will automatically keep track and upload all quests you complete successfully, keeping a history of all your previous hunts.

The hunt export is separated into two pages, the summaries and the dashboard.


The summaries page displays all the hunts that are available for you to visualize in the dashboard. Note that the amount of hunts are limited by your account tier.


Account Tiers

FreeUp to 7 days of hunts.
Low Rank ($1)Up to 30 days of hunts.
High Rank ($5)Unlimited
Tempered ($10)Unlimited
Arch-Tempered ($20)Unlimited


The dashboard is where you can visualize the details of the hunt, this includes:

  • Damage over time;
  • Enrage uptimes and activation spans;
  • Abnormalities uptimes and activation spans;
  • Party members;
  • Other information about the quest and monsters;

Note: More information will be added in the future, this includes deaths and more detailed information about damage and weapon attacks


Known Issues

  • Quests that were joined mid-hunt are not tracked properly
  • Otomos are not displayed
  • Really old exported hunts have 100% enrage uptimes
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