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HunterPie Account - Saves Backup

This feature can be disabled in your account settings.

One of the features of having a HunterPie Account is that HunterPie will automatically backup your save and upload it to the cloud, this way you can play Monster Hunter games without worrying about your save getting corrupted.

The backups are available under your account details screen.

How it works?

HunterPie will automatically handle backups of your game saves, the limit on how often and how many backups you can have at once depends on your type of account.

AccountNumber of Backups (total)Rate limit
Standard2 backups (total)Once every 72 hours
Supporter5 backups (total)Once every 24 hours

backup-demo Backup list

  • You can download the backup file by clicking on the button, HunterPie will download the file into the HunterPie/Backups folder as a .zip file.
  • To open the Backups folder quickly, you can also press the button.
  • In case you want to manually delete a backup file, just click on the button.

Warning: Keep in mind that deleting a backup file manually WILL NOT reset your rate limit.

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