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HunterPie Account is one of it’s core features, although not necessary, it’s highly recommended to have an account because that way you can use HunterPie at its fullest.


Exclusive Features

Having an account will give you the access to the following features:

  • Hunt Export: Your hunts will be tracked and uploaded so you can visualize them in a dashboard. You can read more here
  • Remote HunterPie settings: Your configurations will be tied to your account instead of being saved locally only.
  • Automatic game saves backup: HunterPie will automatically backup your game saves and upload them to the cloud. You can read more here

Note: More account-exclusive features will be added in the future.

Creating an account

  1. Click on the Sign Up button in your HunterPie’s side bar;
  2. Fill the required information and click on the Register button;
  3. HunterPie will automatically send you an email to verify the email associated to your account;
  4. After verifying the email, you can now login into your account!

Warning: The process of receiving a verification email should be instant but might take a few minutes depending on your email provider. Make sure to also check your spam and trash folders.


Supporter Account

Your account will be automatically turned into a supporter account if you create it using the same email you used when creating your Patreon account. By being an active supporter you also get access to BETA updates and upgrades to some of the existing features.

Supporter Tiers

There are 4 different supporter tiers, depending on your tier, you will get an enhancement to the existing HunterPie features. The available tiers can be found here.

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