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HunterPie v2.4.0

HunterPie v2.4.0 is finally here with a lot of new features!


HunterPie accounts will be part of HunterPie’s core features, although it is not required to have one to use the overlay, HunterPie will be getting more account-related features in the upcoming updates. Here are some of the planned features that will require an account:

  • HunterPie configuration cloud synchronization;
  • Hunt details;

Tip: Refer to the documentation for more information.

Game saves backup

This feature requires an account.

Having a HunterPie account will allow HunterPie to automatically backup your save files and upload them to the cloud. You can read more about the backup feature here.


Damage Meter - Monster Hunter World

  • HunterPie can now calculate your damage when in expeditions and Guiding Lands.

Warning: This feature requires Stracker’s loader to work properly.

UX enhancements

HunterPie’s client animations have been reworked and some new animations have been added when interacting with the main client window.

  • Added transition animations when opening different views in the main window;
  • Added animations to tooltips when hovering over UI components;
  • Added smooth scrollbar;
  • Added fade-in and slide-in animations to setting elements when changing setting tabs;
  • Changed button colors and rounded their corners;
  • Added Github button to the sidebar container;

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Meowmasters step counter would show as 6/5 when Meowmasters are back in town.
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