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HunterPie v2.6.0

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HunterPie v2.6.0 is finally here with a lot of new features!

Player HUD Widget

This new widget is responsible for displaying your character’s health, stamina and sharpness in a simple health bar, it also displays how many hits you have left until your sharpness level decreases.

The widget’s design is the following:


You can also see it in action in the video below:

The player HUD does not display buffs on top of the player’s health bar, for that you need to use the Abnormalities Widget.

Tip: Refer to the documentation for more information.


This update also brings some minor and major optimizations to HunterPie, below you can see the benchmark comparing both the old scanning method and the new one.


Although the new implementation is only 12% faster, it is a lot more stable when you compare the slowest scan passes compared to the old implementation.

Other changes

  • Added hotkey to toggle overlay (default: Ctrl+Alt+O);
  • Added support for new abnormalities: Adrenaline Rush, Sleep, Stun, Paralysis;
  • HunterPie now downloads localization files from the CDN instead of updating them only during updates;
  • Apex monsters no longer display the capture icon;
  • Introduced Smart Events to handle internal events within HunterPie’s core;

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed memory leak due to smooth bar animations;
  • Fixed memory leak due to internal events not being unsubscribed on game exit;
  • Fixed Qurio part health displaying even when Qurio wasn’t active for that specific part;
  • Fixed HunterPie crashing when loading an invalid theme file;
  • Fixed HunterPie crashing or throwing a lot of exception messages in the console during the scanning process;
  • Fixed HunterPie not cancelling self-update when binaries are not downloaded successfully;
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