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HunterPie v2.5.0

HunterPie v2.5.0 is finally here with a lot of new features!

Monster Widget - Qurio

HunterPie now supports Qurio monsters:

  • Added Qurio Threshold bar;
  • Added support for Qurio parts;
  • Added Qurio monster icon;

monster widget before qurio Before entering Qurio state

monster widget after qurio After entering Qurio state

Abnormalitites Widget

Added support for the following abnormalities:

  • Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
    • Bloodblight;
    • Grinder (S);
    • Coalescence;
    • Demondrug;
    • Mega Demondrug;
    • Armorskin;
    • Mega Armorskin;

Damage Meter

  • Added maximum deaths for quest;

Patch Notes Tab

HunterPie has a new dedicated tab for the latest patch notes.

patch notes view

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Capture indicator appearing for Qurio monsters;
  • Fixed submarines total item count miscalculation;
  • Fixed bug where HunterPie wouldn’t retry requests in case of timeout;
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