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Widgets are part of HunterPie’s core, they’re the components that hold the widget’s content to display their data to the user.


By default, every widget has 6 default settings:

Initialize WidgetWhen enabled, this Widget will be initialized when the game process is detected by HunterPie. Having this disabled is good for performance in case you’re not interested on what this Widget has to show.
Show WidgetWhen enabled, the Widget will be shown whenever it has content to be displayed, having this turned off will make it not show the Widget at all, however, it will still be in-memory tracking all data.
Widget OpacitySets the general widget opacity, the lower, the more transparent it will become.
Widget ScaleSets the widget linear scale, 1 is the default scale, or 100% of it’s original scale, 2 means 200% of it’s original scale, therefore, making it 2x bigger.
Streamer ModeWidgets are invisible to your system, making OBS fail to find them when you want to also record the overlay. This setting is a workaround for that OBS limitation.
Widget PositionSets the absolute X and Y coordinates for this widget, this is relative to your main screen, values can be negative in case you have a screen on the left side of your main monitor.
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