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HunterPie v2.0.20

HunterPie v2.0.20 brings some new features and fixes.


  • Patch notes button now opens the current update patch notes in HunterPie’s documentation
  • Added supporter tokens, allowing Patreons to receive beta updates
  • Added some development options to the Advanced Debug Tools

Abnormality Trays

Abnormality Trays are bars that track and display your character’s buff and debuff timers, they can be used in case you want to know how long your Hunting Horn buff will last, for example.

As of now, HunterPie supports the following categories for buffs, not all of the buffs are supported, but they will be added whenever possible:

  • Songs
  • Consumables (this also includes environment buffs)
  • Debuffs
  • Gear skills
  • Food skills

abnormality-tray-demo Abnormality tray showing buffs and debuff

Refer to the documentation for more information.

Monster Widget

New features

Monster Widget has gotten some visual enhancements to the parts components, now it displays flinch, break and sever values. Since all parts have flinch values, the bars will still show that info once you can no longer break/sever it.

  • Added horizontal orientation for Monster Widget.
  • Added dynamic resizing for health bars depending on how many monsters the Widget is showing at the moment
  • Added minimum width for Monster health bars
  • Added flinch, severable and breakable parts


Each color represents a different type of part:

FlinchFlinch values represent when the monster is going to flinch or get staggered.
BreakBreak values represent when a part is about to break.
SeverSeverable parts are the ones that can be cut off from a monster.
BrokenA part will become Grey when it’s either broken or severed.

Severable parts

Severable parts are the parts that can be physically removed from the monster’s body, like tail and horns.

severable_part_demo Severable and Breakable part

Breakable parts

Breakable parts are the parts that can be broken, showing the “Part was broken” message in the game.

breakable_part_demo Breakable and Flinch part

Refer to the documentation for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Somnacanth part order
  • Fixed wrong Chameleos part order
  • Fixed wrong pointer to monster flinch values, causing some monsters to not show any part data at all.
  • Fixed bug where monsters would not despawn once dead.
  • Fixed bug where HunterPie would show invalid parts before all valid parts.
  • Fixed bug where HunterPie wouldn’t hide monster health percentage in Discord Rich Presence properly
  • Fixed bug where HunterPie would fail to find game process due to cultural differences in UTF-8 characters
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