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Frequently Asked Questions

Windows is asking me to install .NET 6, what do I do?

HunterPie requires .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime to run properly, you can download it from Microsoft’s official site by clicking here.

Moving and Scaling Widgets

To move a widget you can either use Design Mode (togglable by pressing the default hotkey: ScrollLock) or set the absolute coordinations in HunterPie’s settings. To scale a widget, you can go to HunterPie’s settings for that widget and use the Scale slider.

For more information about widgets, check the Overlay and Widgets documentations.

Why aren’t my settings saving?

Make sure your HunterPie’s folder is not in read only mode, if that doesn’t work, try moving your HunterPie folder to somewhere else.

My auto update is getting stuck

Same as the previous issue, make sure your folder is not in read only mode, also try moving its folder somewhere else.

My overlay seems delayed

Some people has reported that as a Windows 11 issue, some known work arounds for that include:

  • Changing rendering strategy to Software in HunterPie’s setttings.
  • Enabling compatibility mode for HunterPie
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