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Abnormality Tray Widget

The Abnormality Tray widget allows you to track your buff and debuff durations, it’s useful when playing Hunting Horn, or when you just want to know how long a certain buff will last. HunterPie lets you create as many trays as you want, allowing you to separate abnormalities in different trays.

Keep in mind the more widgets you have on your screen, the more it impacts performance.

Creating a new tray

To create a new tray, open HunterPie’s settings in the Abnormality Trays tab and click on the , in case you want to delete a specific tray, click on the , it will prompt you with a confirmation so you can delete the tray.

If you’re creating new bars while the game is running, you’ll have to restart HunterPie in order for it to visually create the bar widget.

Configuring the tray

To configure your new tray, click on the . It will open a new window that lets you configure all the tray settings individually.


Enabling abnormalities

In the configuration window, there’s a panel with all the available abnormalities, clicking on one of them will automatically enable tracking that abnormality in that individual tray.



Orientation is the setting that indicates which direction your tray will grow to fit all abnormalities, setting it to Horizontal will make the tray grow sideways until it reaches its maximum width, on the other hand, Vertical will make the bar grow downwards until it reaches the maximum height.

Maximum Size

Setting a maximum size to your tray will cause it to not grow infinitely, wrapping new abnormalities downwards (if the orientation is Horizontal) or sideways (if the orientation is Vertical).

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