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HunterPie v2.1.0

HunterPie v2.1.0 contains the second part of the full Monster Hunter World support.


  • Added supporter badge on top of the HunterPie’s window.
  • HunterPie no longer saves its configurations on exit.
  • Adjusted HunterPie settings window margin.
  • Adjusted Damage Meter icon in the settings window.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Widget

  • Added tenderize information to monster’s part health bars.
  • Severable and normal parts now have different colors.

Specialized Tool Widget

The specialized tool widget is the one responsible for showing your primary and secondary specialized tool cooldown and timer.


Tip: Refer to the documentation for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where widgets wouldn’t be hidden in NPC dialogs even when the “Hide when HUD is open” option is enabled in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Fixed a bug where HunterPie would crash if there were duplicate constant names in the map file.
  • Fixed a bug where Training Dojo state bar size would go back and forth when there were 0 days left for training.
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