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HunterPie v2.0.23

HunterPie v2.0.23 contains the first part of the full Monster Hunter World support.


  • Changed Mount ailment name to Ride for Monster Hunter Rise
  • Changed visual component for hotkeys
  • Changed visuals of ComboBox
  • Changed HunterPie client color scheme to be more consistent
  • Added Offensive Guard abnormality for Monster Hunter Rise


Since HunterPie can support multiple games, it allows you to configure games separately, so you can have a different overlay configuration for each game.

Choosing which game to configure is rather simple, just choose the game by its name in the box in the bottom of HunterPie’s settings window.


Monster Hunter: World

One of the main reasons HunterPie v2 exists is to support multiple games from the Monster Hunter series, this update brings support for Monster Hunter: World and some of the main overlay Widgets that v1 has at the moment.


Monster Widget

Compared to HunterPie legacy, the monster widget now has 100% accurate lockon detection, supports more than 3 monsters.


Tip: Refer to the documentation for more information.

Abnormalities Widget

Right now, HunterPie supports most of the abnormalities Monster Hunter: World has, with exception of potions that last forever like Demondrug and Armorskin.

Tip: Refer to the documentation for more information.

Damage Meter Widget

The damage meter is something that’s part of the core of HunterPie legacy, in v2 there were a lot of enhancements:

  • Quest timer is now 100% accurate and displays the right time even for in-progress quests (like SOSes).


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