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HunterPie v2.0.22

HunterPie v2.0.22 brings some new features, fixes and optimizations.


  • Added support for Monster Hunter Rise v3.9.1.0
  • Added Party state and size to Discord Rich Presence
  • Added option to automatically close HunterPie when game is no longer running
  • Added option to start HunterPie on background
  • Added option to not show confirmation popup on exit
  • Added option to hide individual widgets when the in-game HUD is visible (e.g when you’re in camp, talking to NPCs, with game menu open, etc)
  • HunterPie now updates settings file in real time
  • Optimizations to the UI thread
  • Optimizations to the Scan thread
  • Minor visual enhancedments to the main window
  • HunterPie now displays the last config sync time in the Settings tab

Activities Widget

The Activities Widget tracks and displays your Submarines, Training Dojo and Training buddies data.


Tip: Refer to the documentation for more information.

Chat Widget

The Chat Widget displays messages from your chat so you won’t lose track of them during a hunt. This widget is designed to only show actual messages, no NPCs, no system messages nor notifications from the game.


Tip: Refer to the documentation for more information.

Abnormalities Widget

  • Added Protective Polish
  • Added Arc Shot: Brace
  • Added Arc Shot: Affinity

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where HunterPie would still try updating Rich Presence when it’s disabled
  • Fixed bug where HunterPie would crash when trying to unload an unitialized widgets
  • Fixed CDN download causing HunterPie to crash due to unauthorized file access
  • Fixed wrong string for Training Dojo setting
  • Fixed default widget positions
  • Fixed bug where HunterPie would not parse floats separate by comma due to cultural dependent system
  • Fixed memory leak due to garbage memory values in the string lengths, causing HunterPie to read a large array of bytes
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