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HunterPie v2.10.0

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Class Widgets

  • Added support for Switch Axe
  • Added support for Longsword

Other classes will be supported in the upcoming updates.

Switch Axe

The Switch Axe helper tracks and displays all the relevant information you need to play with the Switch Axe.

Switch Axe helper


The Longsword helper tracks information about your Longsword.

Longsword helper

Monster Widget

  • Added alternative modes for targeting monsters
    • Lock On: Uses the in-game lock-on to track the target.
    • [MHWorld] Map Pin: Uses the in-game map pin to track the target, quests automatically target the primary quest target automatically.
    • [MHRise] Quest Target: Uses the in-game quest target to track the monster, note that it only works in quests.
    • Inference: HunterPie will try to automatically detect the target based on what happens in-game.

UI Enhancements

  • Completely redesigned HunterPie’s client settings to make it easier to navigate. Settings are now grouped by category.
  • Moved account to the top of HunterPie’s client window.
  • Using the design mode to scale widgets should now modify the scale by 5% instead of 1%.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the sharpness gauge not detecting the maximum sharpness correctly for Monster Hunter World.
  • Removed dummy animation on Widgets to force constant rendering.
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